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Online Again: Friday, March 2, 2007.

Proud to Live in Canada

Note: I have lots of ideas for even more desktop wallpapers, but I'm busy right now making my existing desktop wallpapers 1024x768 so that those of you with higher resolutions can use them as well. I also will be working on updating my Blue Rodeo website, House of Dreams, which will also be hosted on In the meantime, to check out my old Blue Rodeo site, just visit my Links page. Hopefully, I can get my new site up and running soon.

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About Me My Biography, my life so far, for whoever wants to know.
Desktop Wallpaper The X-Files, various Actors & Actresses, various Musicians and various TV shows.
Webmaster Resources Various website designer resources like free hosting, backgrounds, clipart, etc.
Links Various links, like my relatives' sites, and the schools I went to, my favourite links that don't fit in a specific category.

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