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Tip of the Iceberg Logo
Visit my Uncle Raun's site, Tip of the Iceberg!

Dupuis' Place on the Net
My Uncle Marvin & Aunt Kathy's Website.
Spider Web Software
Spider Web Software makes wonderful role-playing computer games, with tons of detail and tons of adventure. Their games are so huge and intricate it can take you months to finish a game.
SATEC@W.A. Porter Collegiate Institute
Where I went to school from Grades 10 to OAC, and got my High School Diploma.
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Unsure about whether a story is true or not? Want to know where some scary urban legends came from? Maybe someone forwarded you an email you want to check out? Then this is the site for you!
PopCap Games
A great site for playing free games online, and downloading trial versions of PopCap's Games.
I am totally addicted to this website, I love doing the never-ending movie quiz and reviewing movies and seeing what my friends think of them!

Toby's Blue Rodeo Site


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